Mei Batubara


“Business needs more Art” – Hugh McLeod (Gapingvoid)

Although Mei was graduated from architecture, her business spirit made her started food and beverage business with husband in 1998. With her design background, Mei was responsible for the concept and design implementation of the business. Starting from the architecture, interior, decoration, graphic design, branding, all the way to designing the content of the social media. Her passionate work can be seen in Warung Pasta, Segarra and Warung Kopi Sruput (Jogjakarta).

After more than twelve years running both the restaurant business and a design office, Mei was started to help other businesses by using her expertise in both design and business. Not knowing that it was the beginning of her work as a Business Designer.

In 2011 Mei was happily join Gambaran Brand, a brand consultant that work only for local brand. She has been using her expertise in Business Design for other type of businesses such as mall, bakery, farming, spa, hotel, etc. And also for social and non-profit organization such as school, museum and union.

Believing that every business needs to have a strong character and a positive story behind , Mei is working hard to search and bring-out the best of every business she works on.  Starting from creating the concept, developing the business model, creating the name, developing the business plan, all the way to the implementation. This include Maharasa Indonesia.

“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements.”

- Scott Belsky