Helianti Hilman


Inspired by the wealth of Indonesia’s food biodiversity and the dedication of indigenous farmers as heirloom biodiversity warriors, Helianti left her work as Intellectual Property Lawyer and consultant to various international development agencies to establish PT. Kampung Kearifan Indonesia (KKI).

KKI is a social enterprise works to bring Indonesia’s best food biodiversity heritage to the global consumers and market. Under brands such as  JAVARA, BHUMIRASA, ALAMARI, BALI ARTISAN SALT and NOVIO RAW HONEY, she has build collaborations with smallholder indigenous and food producers to create over 700 community-based products. There are over 500 supermarkets in Indonesia that carries the products. Some products also have find their way to the premium retail market in Europe, US and Japan.

Helianti believes that by mobilizing the role of responsible consumers and market in consuming these heirloom food ingredients, the near-extinct food biodiversity will find its way to sustain while also improving the livelihood of the smallholder food producers that is part of the supply chain.

Her vast knowledge on unique food biodiversity from across archipelago – along with its spiritual, cultural and social context – provide Maharasa with strong insights for exploring the world of archipelago’s rich food ingredients.