We can’t thank enough for the support of our beloved volunteer.¬†They have been giving us a tremendous effort and shared the same passion to make sure MAHARASA event succeeded.

ANDRI NUGROHO (Decoration – Maharasa Dinner 01)










NOVANI NUGRAHANI (Photography – Maharasa Dinner 01)









JIMMY CHRISTY (Documentary – Maharasa Expedition and Dinner 02)









RENO ANDAM SARI (Research Maharasa Expedition and Dinner 02)










PAOLA CORTESE (Decoration – Maharasa Dinner 02)










IMMA RACHMAWATI (Photography – Maharasa Dinner 02)










We are welcome to anyone from many background who wish to support Maharasa Indonesia and help our vision to promote local artisanal farmers, breeders and fisherman, and to escalate Indonesian culinary trough quality, creativity and knowledge.

Kindly contact us at maharasaindonesia@gmail.com