Lisa Virgiano


For most of you, food merely serves for survival.

To this woman, gastronomy is her life’s greatest privilege. You can effortlessly awe her when she can unquestionably articulate a particular taste of Naniura (Tapanuli sashimi), Bruder Sageru (Ambon cake made from fermented palm toddy wine), or even Pationg (slow cooked pork in bamboo) from Toraja to make you drool. You will find her spending time scouring Indonesia for the most delectable cuisines because she is a discerning food aficionado. To her, authentic good food may be hard to find but she is willing to weather the storm for such priceless discovery.

Lisa Virgiano sincerely believes that food is not merely a product to satisfy hunger, it is a social artifact that needs to be communicated because it has explicit soul and ability to embrace diversity and revamp human relationship. Thus, she exercises her constant faith of food by sharing her utmost passion in Azanaya, a start-up company inspired by true passion of Indonesian food culture. With integrity, focus on compassionate service, and mutual relationship principal, Azanaya successfully to manage award winning series of events – Underground Secret Dining and many food appreciation classes to highlight heritage flavors of Indonesia.