Minangkabau Artisanal Culinary

June, 21st – 23rd 2013

Maharasa Indonesia at Akili Museum has finally closed its curtain with unforgettable achievements.

We successfully served many satisfied guests from different nationalities : (young and passionate) Indonesians, French, Americans, OZ, New Zealander, Singaporeans, and Canadian and we acknowledged all the hard works of respective West Sumatran farmers (2 of them were with us during 3 nights dinner) by putting them into center stage of achievement among those international guests.

All of us agreed that reviving the real meaning of artisanal taste of Indonesia is a must, food is not only a matter of lifestyle anymore and celebrity chefs are merely an archaic idiomatic expression! We definitely have gone far beyond the mundane.

Maharasa Indonesia will be back soon with another super cool theme and grandeur capacity. We are officially working on it, starting from June 28.

Thanks for all of you who still have strong faith in artisanality and origin of taste!