Ragil Imam Wibowo

After graduating from National Hotel Institute, Bandung, Ragil joined Grand Hyatt team for more than eight years. In 2005 he decided to leave Hyatt and focus to open his own restaurant. He own few brands ranging from Warung Pasta – a casual pasta dining, Segarra – a beach club, Clove, an up-scale Indonesian catering and recently working as a conceptor for Ginger Li, an up-scale Asian Bistro.

After almost twenty years experience in F and B , nine restaurants and few TV shows, Ragil decided to use his resources to develop Maharasa Indonesia with a vision to place Indonesian culinary to a higher level with an improved cooking method. Ragil has always been fascinated with technology. He believe that Indonesian culinary can adapt modern cooking technic without loosing its identity.

Ragil strong background on cooking technic has given Maharasa Indonesia an exciting culinary experience.