Expedition Maharasa

We firmly trust that each region of Indonesia shapes the taste of fresh quality ingredients; the cross pollination of wind, sun, soil, water, and heritage seeds contribute inimitable and beautiful flavors. Determined to seek and explore those hidden treasure of artisanal ingredients around the archipelago of Indonesia, we decided to embark on an expedition to remote regions, passing through coastline and hinterland of villages.

As we experienced the journey and engaged in numerous inspiring discourses of taste with many locals, we discovered a realm of local wisdom that we believe highly valuable to improve the quality of our life. Priceless ingredients are naturally nurtured with deep appreciation of environment, carefully handpicked, and vigilantly processed with superlative regard of taste admiration.

We hit upon facts that :

1. Naturally grown ingredients lead to sustainability.

Almost all traditional agriculture techniques in Indonesia have implemented organic concepts with fascination of balance in nature elements since ancient time. Most of them are still using manure and compost as natural fertilizer, crop rotation to avoid pests, even star constellation acts as their guidance to plan agriculture season.

2. Freshness contributes taste.

Delectable local cuisines are still using fresh artisanal ingredients. Most of the villagers are used to visit their backyard where most of the spices, herbs, and other ingredients are planted from one generation to generation. They also use fresh livestock, such as meat, chicken, and fish which are fed by natural ingredients too. They believe that the life quality of their livestock is compulsory. Livestock must live very content; they must free roam in an outsized surrounding and be loved unconditionally.

3. Manufactured flavors are ersatz.

Most of the original flavors come from fresh ingredients, either in spices or herbs. Locals trust additional artificial flavor enhancement does not sustainably accentuate the regal of original taste. They even still utilize traditional cooking methods, using specific wood to produce aromatic smoke, terracotta pots with scattered pores to build up taste, and unique fire pits to imitate the modern concept of oven.

Those facts generate implausible stories…
Stories that reflect the deep meaning of Indonesian food culture and inspire us to introduce the concept of Indonesian artisanality to many gourmands all around the world.

And now, we are extending the stories to you through the induction of five senses..

Extension of stories with a combination of carefully curated, tested, and modernly processed artisanal ingredients by Maharasa Indonesia are expected to please not only your five senses, but also inveigle your gentle heart.