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Mutiara Kedoya Estate blok A1

Puri Kembangan, Kedoya


Maharasa Indonesia


Artisanal Minangkabau Culinary Experience



Grated cucumber and a dash of tamarind juice sweetened by artisanal arenga palm sugar from Situjuah, Payakumbuh

Smoked free range eels with ground shallot, red chilies, and tomato

Melinjo bean crackers served with shredded beef stew in caramelized red curry

Home made sticky rice crackers served with braised free range chicken in coconut waterIndonesian bay leaves, lemongrass, and galangal

Chapter One

Sous vide lobster tail served with fern tip curry foam and torch ginger flower

 Beef consommé with white cardamom, cinnamon, pepper served with crispy local beef loinpotato dumpling and special home made rice crackers with beet extract natural color


Mackerel fritter made of organic heritage Anak Daro rice flour from Simancuang, South Solok with spices, turmeric leaves, and turmeric paste

 Heritage loom sapodilla from Sumpu region, South Batipuah

Chapter Two

Roasted giant clams with yellow Minangkabau curry, fermented buffalo milk and coconut oil infused with holy basil 

Sous-vide duck in green chili paste served with young jackfruit


Pineapple, soursop and mint leaves sorbet


Chapter Three

Sous-vide Pariaman lamb ossobuco in chili and sour broth

served with Bareh Solok milky porridge infused with Indonesian salam leaves  


ways of Minangkabau beef jerky :

Grilled with green chili relish, crispy fried with ground red chili, and stewed with sliced green chili and shallot


Kayoe Aroe tea with egg foam and pandan dust, grilled banana, coconut cake served with grated coconut and egg coconut custard

coffee or tea

served with coconut cinnamon biscotti.


We brought ingenious ingredients from West Sumatra to make your dinner authentic.

- Arenga palm sugar from Situjuah, Payakumbuh

- Smoked free range eel

- Artisanal Melinjo bean cracker

- Anak Daro, organic heritage rice from Simancuang, South Solok

- Heritage loom sapodilla from Sumpu region, South Batipuah

- Dadiah, fermented buffalo milk

- Bareh Solok, heritage rice from Solok

- Kayoe Aroe traditional tea


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MAHARASA INDONESIA : A Pre Departure Celebration


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Starts from 16.00 PM – 22.00 PM (LONG dinner…)

Seated dinner with slow degustation menu – 12 course

IDR 499.000/pax


@ Dia Lo Gue Artspace

Jl. Kemang Selatan 99a Jakarta (opposite to Habibie Center)

Telp : 021-719 9671



Jabal’ Amel Freekeh of Lebanon.

Oscypek, a unique spindle shaped cheese of Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Padi Loyor of Kasepuhan Cipta Gelar of Halimun Mountain, Indonesia.

Pushgay fruit of Andes, Peru.


Familiar with those ingredients?

Well, one of them originates from Indonesia, heritage rice which has been graciously cultivated by a tribal union near Garut, West Java. The other one is a fruit similar to European blueberries and grow in the highest rockiest part of Andes. The cheese is made of sheep’s milk with toasty fragrance and mature chestnuts. Meanwhile Lebanon produces unusual green wheat which processed by burying them with branches from a local shrub called balan.

150 countries will showcase their most unique and artisanal food ingredients at Salone del Gusto (www., a bi-annual celebration of food biodiversity, which will be held in Turin, Italy on 25 – 29 October 2012.

Indonesia , known as its profound biodiversity, for once again is invited to reveal some of the most exclusive (and most of them are unique in taste and cultivation) ingredients to hard core international foodies.

38 species of heritage rice, spices, tubers, and millets are on the way to Italy and they are ready to kick ass!

But before Italy, we think that it would be best to showcase these ingredients to all of you through a long intertwined dining, filled with those ingredients’ history, cultivation, characteristic, and taste.

Two talented Indonesian chefs, Ragil Imam Wibowo and Adzan Tri Budiman, created a sophisticated menu, inspired from the strong character of each ingredients with a base of elegant Indonesian cuisine.

Meanwhile Helianti Hilman, one of Indonesian delegation, will share stories, anecdotes, knowledge, and experience in hunting those unique ingredients around Indonesia during each chapter of dinner. She will tell you why near extinct Gatti Pineapple matters for the forest conservation in Salak Mountain, how sun, wind, and water naturally shape pyramid shape of black salt from Bali, why heirloom rice of Kasepuhan Cipta Gelar can’t be bought with money, and where to find the best cashew nuts in Indonesia with a rich avocado aftertaste.

You can also view the ingredients installation followed with ingredients tasting, starting from rice category, spices, tubers, honey, coffee, and many more.

Be the first to taste those ingredients before international others.

Be the one to see, taste, and smell those ingredients and we promise you after this session, you finally realize that those food really change your world!




Tea infused with tropical fruit, JAVA Cubeb pepper,

Koerintji cinnamon & Ambon Clove

Garnished with HALIMUN Gatti pineapple caviar

Chapter One

Spiced strait bali mackerel fish dumpling served with ginger flower

sambal dressing dash with coconut oil, sprinkle

of Bali ARTISAN black pyramid salt

and cracked roasted peanut

Double boiled free range chicken consommé served with Klaten ganyong

glass noodleQuail egg, braised chicken, cabbage, potato chip

and fried shallot dust


Salak mountain oolong lemon flavor tea served

with fried crispy salted rice fish, Flores cashewnut,

(PAPUA) chili, tomato and shallot paste

Chapter Two

Sous vide fish served with fish emulsion slow cooked with Medan asam kandis,

coconut milk and ginger flower served with Tribal rice

from kasepuhan Sinar Resmi

Slow Braised quail bird with salam leaves, shallot

and Banyumas coconut sugar sauce


Grilled Three month baby lamb marinated

with bali ARTISAN pyramid salt, coriander seed and garlic

Served with MAGELANG Saudah pink rice


BEDUGUL Rosella tea, served with KUNINGAN glutinous rice crackers

and  East Java Mango Honey

Chapter Three

Yam Candil, labu kuning, ledre pisang, coconut milk dan gula semut,

srikaya durian, sago delima Yam dumpling, boiled pumpkin,

banana crackers, coconut milk and Banyumas crystalized coco sugar


Papua Organic arabica shade grown Coffee – Served Ternate style with clove,

cinnamon and Sangihe kenari nuts nting-nting kacang mede (flores)

Caramelized cracked Flores Cashewnut



Dia Lo Gue, Art Space. Jalan Kemang Selatan No. 99A. Phone: 021 719 9671/72



Please send an email to : (Subject : Maharasa Indonesia) with below information :

Name                                                                  :

Number of participants                                    :

Mobile phone                                                    :


-  In less than 48 hour, we will reply to you with an attached registration form for you to fill in. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact : 0856 902 1981.

-  After you fill in the form and agree to all of the terms and conditions, return it back to us by email.

-  You will receive a confirmation letter from us within 48 hours, saying whether you are eligible to join or not.

-  If you are eligible, please make a payment to BCA number: 071.2165314  account name: R Ragil Imam Wibowo/Helianti Hilman (using bank transfer or ATM, no cash please).


We look forward to having you on October 14, 2012.

If you can’t make it, we will highly appreciate if you could pass this message to your other friends to share the true joy of food culture.

Thank you.



Maharasa Indonesia Team