Jailolo Culinary Experience

Embrace the rich spices and ingredients of Jailolo in the next Maharasa dinner:


Three million years ago in the Molucca Sea, four world’s greatest tectonic plates : the Indian Ocean, the Asian Continent, the Australian Continent, and the Pacific Ocean – fused together to form a unique shaped terrain, known as today : island of Halmahera.

Jailolo or known as Gilolo is located at the west shore of the island of Halmahera. It is known from long time ago as the main producer of spices especially for cloves and nutmeg. Today, Jailolo remains as natural as hundreds years ago. Fertile volcanic soil, tropical temperature, and monsoon rain provide suitable environment for Halmahera biodiversity. Nature has provided abundant indigenous ingredients other than clove and nutmeg for Jailolo, such as coconut, sago palm, banana, palm sugar, cassava, and pili nuts.

Indonesian culinary culture is regarded as highly distinctive based on geographical location and type of species, varying from the west side to the east side of the archipelago. Westeners who came to trade to Indonesia; such as Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and English, contributed significant influence to Jailolo culinary culture. Maharasa Indonesia will present you a culinary experience interpreted in a contemporary way by professional chefs, Mr. Ragil Imam Wibowo and Mr. Adzan Tri Budiman. We hope those delectable hidden recipes can acquire a knowledge of culinary culture.


Artisanal Jailolo/West Halmahera Culinary Experience

September 11 – 13, 2015


Grilled fish cake on fragrant screw pine leaves

Boko-boko (Jailolo cassava cake grilled in bamboo) topped with skipjack tuna floss and West Halmahera bonito flakes (tbc)

Banana flower fritters

Home made blue pea flower soda

Chapter One

Seafood Gohu (West Halmahera raw seafood salad served on sagoo crackers)

Gamtala mangrove clams served in dabu-dabu chili

Sabeta, sago worm (to be confirmed)

Sea Urchin 

Chapter Two

Papeda fish turmeric soup with Tataleka fermented shrimp paste and West Halmahera bonito flakes

Local grouper fish head with West Halmahera/Makian island pili nuts paste

Snakehead fish grilled in bamboo served with young soursop fruit

Chapter Three

Nasi Kembar

(Heritage Sahu tribe rice cooked in banana leaves with a unique Halmahera rice shape)

Free range chicken cooked in sambal woku (fragrant chili relish with herbs) served with banana in coconut milk and ulak-ulak (West Halmahera vegetable salad with Kenari sauce)

Duruka cooked in coconut milk and spices with deer meat served with papaya flower and cassava leaves

Chapter Four

Halmahera duck’s beak banana non gluten cookies

Sagoo lempeng (Jailolo sagoo bread cooked in traditional forno style) served with calamondin extract

Jailolo/Makian island pili nuts shorbet


Air Guraka

Traditional concoction made of palm sugar, red ginger, and topped with Makian island pili nuts

Special appearance of Jailolo farmer.

Starts from 18.00 PM – 22.00 PM (LONG dinner…)

Seated dinner with slow degustation menu – 15 course

IDR 875.00.000/pax – includes goody bag of all the goody ingredients form Jailolo.

Save your seat by sending us a notification email to maharasaindonesia@gmail.com, thanks!

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