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Embrace the rich spices of West Sumatra in the next Maharasa dinner:



Friday, June 21st, 2013

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013




Mutiara Kedoya Estate blok A1

Puri Kembangan, Kedoya


Maharasa Indonesia


Artisanal Minangkabau Culinary Experience



Grated cucumber and a dash of tamarind juice sweetened by artisanal arenga palm sugar from Situjuah, Payakumbuh

Smoked free range eels with ground shallot, red chilies, and tomato

Melinjo bean crackers served with shredded beef stew in caramelized red curry

Home made sticky rice crackers served with braised free range chicken in coconut waterIndonesian bay leaves, lemongrass, and galangal

Chapter One

Sous vide lobster tail served with fern tip curry foam and torch ginger flower

 Beef consommé with white cardamom, cinnamon, pepper served with crispy local beef loinpotato dumpling and special home made rice crackers with beet extract natural color



Mackerel fritter made of organic heritage Anak Daro rice flour from Simancuang, South Solok with spices, turmeric leaves, and turmeric paste

 Heritage loom sapodilla from Sumpu region, South Batipuah


Chapter Two

Roasted giant clams with yellow Minangkabau curry, fermented buffalo milk and coconut oil infused with holy basil 

Sous-vide duck in green chili paste served with young jackfruit



Pineapple, soursop and mint leaves sorbet


Chapter Three

Sous-vide Pariaman lamb ossobuco in chili and sour broth

served with Bareh Solok milky porridge infused with Indonesian salam leaves  


3 ways of Minangkabau beef jerky :

Grilled with green chili relish, crispy fried with ground red chili, and stewed with sliced green chili and shallot


Kayoe Aroe tea with egg foam and pandan dust, grilled banana, coconut cake served with grated coconut and egg coconut custard

coffee or tea

served with coconut cinnamon biscotti.


We brought ingenious ingredients from West Sumatra to make your dinner authentic.

- Arenga palm sugar from Situjuah, Payakumbuh

- Smoked free range eel

- Artisanal Melinjo bean cracker

- Anak Daro, organic heritage rice from Simancuang, South Solok

- Heritage loom sapodilla from Sumpu region, South Batipuah

- Dadiah, fermented buffalo milk

- Bareh Solok, heritage rice from Solok

- Kayoe Aroe traditional tea


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