Jailolo Culinary Experience

Embrace the rich spices and ingredients of Jailolo in the next Maharasa dinner:


Three million years ago in the Molucca Sea, four world’s greatest tectonic plates : the Indian Ocean, the Asian Continent, the Australian Continent, and the Pacific Ocean – fused together to form a unique shaped terrain, known as today : island of Halmahera.

Jailolo or known as Gilolo is located at the west shore of the island of Halmahera. It is known from long time ago as the main producer of spices especially for cloves and nutmeg. Today, Jailolo remains as natural as hundreds years ago. Fertile volcanic soil, tropical temperature, and monsoon rain provide suitable environment for Halmahera biodiversity. Nature has provided abundant indigenous ingredients other than clove and nutmeg for Jailolo, such as coconut, sago palm, banana, palm sugar, cassava, and pili nuts.

Indonesian culinary culture is regarded as highly distinctive based on geographical location and type of species, varying from the west side to the east side of the archipelago. Westeners who came to trade to Indonesia; such as Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and English, contributed significant influence to Jailolo culinary culture. Maharasa Indonesia will present you a culinary experience interpreted in a contemporary way by professional chefs, Mr. Ragil Imam Wibowo and Mr. Adzan Tri Budiman. We hope those delectable hidden recipes can acquire a knowledge of culinary culture.


Artisanal Jailolo/West Halmahera Culinary Experience

September 11 – 13, 2015


Grilled fish cake on fragrant screw pine leaves

Boko-boko (Jailolo cassava cake grilled in bamboo) topped with skipjack tuna floss and West Halmahera bonito flakes (tbc)

Banana flower fritters

Home made blue pea flower soda

Chapter One

Seafood Gohu (West Halmahera raw seafood salad served on sagoo crackers)

Gamtala mangrove clams served in dabu-dabu chili

Sabeta, sago worm (to be confirmed)

Sea Urchin 

Chapter Two

Papeda fish turmeric soup with Tataleka fermented shrimp paste and West Halmahera bonito flakes

Local grouper fish head with West Halmahera/Makian island pili nuts paste

Snakehead fish grilled in bamboo served with young soursop fruit

Chapter Three

Nasi Kembar

(Heritage Sahu tribe rice cooked in banana leaves with a unique Halmahera rice shape)

Free range chicken cooked in sambal woku (fragrant chili relish with herbs) served with banana in coconut milk and ulak-ulak (West Halmahera vegetable salad with Kenari sauce)

Duruka cooked in coconut milk and spices with deer meat served with papaya flower and cassava leaves

Chapter Four

Halmahera duck’s beak banana non gluten cookies

Sagoo lempeng (Jailolo sagoo bread cooked in traditional forno style) served with calamondin extract

Jailolo/Makian island pili nuts shorbet


Air Guraka

Traditional concoction made of palm sugar, red ginger, and topped with Makian island pili nuts

Special appearance of Jailolo farmer.

Starts from 18.00 PM – 22.00 PM (LONG dinner…)

Seated dinner with slow degustation menu – 15 course

IDR 875.00.000/pax – includes goody bag of all the goody ingredients form Jailolo.

Save your seat by sending us a notification email to maharasaindonesia@gmail.com, thanks!


Epicurean Excursion of Jailolo


Enjoy exotic culinary adventure and exquisite nature with sublime blue
ocean and pristine white sand beaches of Jailolo.

Located at the island of Halmahera, Jailolo can be reached by 40
minutes boat trip from Ternate. Known as the centre of the spices
producer, Jailolo was the hottest spot for spice traders since the
17th century. Today, Jailolo manage to keep its charms by maintaining
the spice production, pristine nature and the friendliest hospitality
that has been well known from centuries.

In this Jailolo Epicurean Excursion, culinary traveller (yes it’s
you), will experience 4 days of cultural and gustatory sensation led
by a gourmand and chefs. Your will visit farms and traditional
producers, trips to local market, have a cultural feast with local
tribes, take an unwind journey through mangrove forest, watch sunset
while having barbeque at secluded beach, have lunch on remote island,
and best of all, learning to prepare local dishes at home of the

Join Maharasa Indonesia at Jailolo Bay Festival and experience an Epicurean Excursion like you
never had before.


May 29th – June 1st, 2014
Package : IDR 4.850.000,- (IDR 4.500.000,- before end of April)

(meeting point : Ternate Airport, May 29th 2014, 06.00 – 09.00)


Thursday, 29th May 

06.00 – 09.00 Arrive in Ternate, you will be picked up at the Ternate airport and continue to Restaurant Kamis to have local breakfast.

09.30  Leaving to Jailolo (40 minutes boat trip)

10.30  Arrive in Jailolo and take bus to hotel

11.00  Check-in at De Hook hotel where you can rest after the late night flight

14.00  Having fun by joining the Cultural Carnaval Parade and than having lunch at the Culinary Festival Bazaar.

17.30  Gather at the meeting point to go to Taraudu Village for traditional feast.

18.00  Dinner at the oldest traditional house of Taraudu tribe with traditional procession.

21.00  Going back to hotel.


Friday, 30th May

08.00  Breakfast bokoboko, a traditional gluten-free bread made of cassava and sago flour.

09.00  Learn to prepare traditional Jailolo dishes with local chef at the warmth of her house. This cooking class will also be guided by Maharasa gourmand and chefs. Followed by lunch.

13.00  Leaving to Gamtala village to watch local people make Saloi, a traditional bag made of rattan weaving.

14.30  Arrive at the boat house and enjoy local snack of Pisang Mulu Bebe accompanied by local Pineapple Wine before the boat trip.

15.00  Begin the boat trip trough one of the thickest mangrove forrest in Indonesia.

16.00  Arrive at Marimbati beach

- Watching traditional attraction of local people catching clams

- Enjoying the sunset while having seafood barbecue with a just-picked coconut water.

18.00  Going back to boat house.

19.00  Horom Sasadu at Sasadu house of Gamtala village. Having a traditional feast with the leaders of local tribes and local goverment accompanied with traditional music and dances.

21.00  Going back to hotel.


Saturday,  31st May 

07.00  Breakfast at hotel.

07.30  Arrive at port for island hopping

10.00   Back to Jailolo

11.00  Going to see artisanal sago flour processing and traditional production of sago lempeng and bokoboko at the village of Idam Gamlamo.

12.00  Clean-up and rest at hotel

13.00  Lunch at Culinary Festival area

15.00  Sasadu on the Sea. Jailolo Bay Festival closing ceremony with more than 250 children dancing traditional cultural dance on the stage stand above the sea.

18.00  Dinner at Culinary Festival area

19.00  Back to hotel


 Sunday, 1st June

06.00 Check out time and breakfast at the hotel.

07.00 Leaving to Ternate with boat

For more information, please contact us at maharasaindonesia@gmail.com



Thank you!

Maharasa Indonesia at Akili Museum has finally closed its curtain with unforgettable achievements.

We successfully served many satisfied guests from different nationalities : (young and passionate) Indonesians, French, Americans, OZ, New Zealander, Singaporeans, and Canadian and we acknowledged all the hard works of respective West Sumatran farmers (2 of them were with us during 3 nights dinner) by putting them into center stage of achievement among those international guests.

All of us agreed that reviving the real meaning of artisanal taste of Indonesia is a must, food is not only a matter of lifestyle anymore and celebrity chefs are merely an archaic idiomatic expression! We definitely have gone far beyond the mundane.

Maharasa Indonesia will be back soon with another super cool theme and grandeur capacity. We are officially working on it, starting from June 28.

Thanks for all of you who still have strong faith in artisanality and origin of taste!

Here are some pictures from the event we’d love to share. All pictures taken by our dear volunteer Imma Rachmawati.





Next Culinary Journey

Embrace the rich spices of West Sumatra in the next Maharasa dinner:



Friday, June 21st, 2013

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013




Mutiara Kedoya Estate blok A1

Puri Kembangan, Kedoya


Maharasa Indonesia


Artisanal Minangkabau Culinary Experience



Grated cucumber and a dash of tamarind juice sweetened by artisanal arenga palm sugar from Situjuah, Payakumbuh

Smoked free range eels with ground shallot, red chilies, and tomato

Melinjo bean crackers served with shredded beef stew in caramelized red curry

Home made sticky rice crackers served with braised free range chicken in coconut waterIndonesian bay leaves, lemongrass, and galangal

Chapter One

Sous vide lobster tail served with fern tip curry foam and torch ginger flower

 Beef consommé with white cardamom, cinnamon, pepper served with crispy local beef loinpotato dumpling and special home made rice crackers with beet extract natural color



Mackerel fritter made of organic heritage Anak Daro rice flour from Simancuang, South Solok with spices, turmeric leaves, and turmeric paste

 Heritage loom sapodilla from Sumpu region, South Batipuah


Chapter Two

Roasted giant clams with yellow Minangkabau curry, fermented buffalo milk and coconut oil infused with holy basil 

Sous-vide duck in green chili paste served with young jackfruit



Pineapple, soursop and mint leaves sorbet


Chapter Three

Sous-vide Pariaman lamb ossobuco in chili and sour broth

served with Bareh Solok milky porridge infused with Indonesian salam leaves  


3 ways of Minangkabau beef jerky :

Grilled with green chili relish, crispy fried with ground red chili, and stewed with sliced green chili and shallot


Kayoe Aroe tea with egg foam and pandan dust, grilled banana, coconut cake served with grated coconut and egg coconut custard

coffee or tea

served with coconut cinnamon biscotti.


We brought ingenious ingredients from West Sumatra to make your dinner authentic.

- Arenga palm sugar from Situjuah, Payakumbuh

- Smoked free range eel

- Artisanal Melinjo bean cracker

- Anak Daro, organic heritage rice from Simancuang, South Solok

- Heritage loom sapodilla from Sumpu region, South Batipuah

- Dadiah, fermented buffalo milk

- Bareh Solok, heritage rice from Solok

- Kayoe Aroe traditional tea


Save your seat by sending us a notification email to maharasaindonesia@gmail.com, thanks!